Chevy Silverado Rack Elimination Kit

99-06 Chevy Silverado Rack Elimination Kit gets rid of the stock rack and replaces it with steering swingers that are controlled by a steering box and hydraulic ram. Eliminates steering failures and improves vehicle control and handling especially when running large off road tires.

Several options are available depending on your budget and intended use. please call or email for complete quote.
99-’06 Rack elimination kit, swingers, center link, pitman arm, and necessary hardware- $ 1,500.00

Kit installation – $ 1,300.00

Steering u-joint – $ 74.75

Fabricate mounts and install steering box, pump, and reservoir. Modify steering shaft – $ 1,300.00


Plumbing labor –  $ 500.00

Plumbing hoses and fittings extra

please call for steering box, hydraulic ram, steering pump, steering pump pulley, and reservoir pricing.